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To bring a little solace to those in pain
To reach out with a helping hand to the disabled
To give the orphans and the aged a life of dignity

Requires only the willingness on the part of the fortunate to understand the plight and helplessness of the unfortunate.


Devashrayam Charitable Society is one small step in a world where so much needs to be done.  It is the result of a coming together of people who have the willingness and the passion to be of help - to the needy members of our society.

The aim of Devashrayam is to become a vibrant nerve centre of activity to help every needy human being.  It is a heartfelt and sincere effort to spread the much-needed awareness about the deprived sections of our society.

The enthusiasm is contagious but lack of sufficient resources is the hindrance.  To overcome this, we look forward to the philanthropic to contribute in whatever way they can.


To earn the gratitude of those who do not have is the best way to celebrate life.Back to Top