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Devashrayam Noon Meal Project – Satiating Hunger

Food is a basic need for existence and satisfying the intolerable pangs of hunger is the greatest service to mankind. When hunger combines with sickness, the suffering is more. Realizing the human aspect of this problem, Devashrayam had launched this unique project. 

It provides hot and wholesome meals to the poor inpatients in the District Hospital, Palakkad.

This scheme was launched on 7th June 1996.  It started by supplying food packets to the poor patients of the general ward at the hospital.  Food prepared at a member’s home with the help of friends and neighbours was distributed once a week, on Sundays.  As awareness grew and funds started trickling in, the scheme was extended to all days.

“Today not less than 225 poor patients are fed on a daily basis. At an average of Rs.3000/- per day, the Society spends Rs.90000/- a month towards this yeoman service.”

Remember: - Next time you celebrate occasions like birthdays, weddings etc spare a thought for the hungry poor.


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Sponsor one or more dialysis @ Rs.500/- for each

Sponsor a day’s lunch  @ Rs.3000/-

Sponsor a mentally challenged person by contributing Rs.2000/- per month

Open joint account in the name of Devashrayam and self.  The accruing interest will be utilized towards meeting the expenses of our varied activities

Donate towards purchasing more land to expand our activities

Donate rice, vegetables and groceries

Donate furniture, educational tools and kitchen equipements

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